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A couple of days in Lake Naivasha

Camp Carnelley's on the shore of Lake Naivasha

Camp Carnelley’s on the shore of Lake Naivasha

After two wonderful days in the Maasai Mara, the time came to say goodbye to the wildebeests and we headed off towards the town of Naivasha in the famous Great Rift Valley, a huge crack that extends from Jordan, in the Middle East, to Mozambique, in Africa. Almost 6,000 kilometers! The town is situated on the edge of Lake Naivasha, one of the country’s top attractions, and a haven for animal lovers.

To get there we had to take a matatu from Narok, approximately a 2-hour journey (300 shillings). As always, it was a very interesting ride with beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. After arriving at Naivasha’s matatu stage, we had to catch another matatu to Moi South Lake Road, a 30-kilometer long road that runs next to the south part of the lake. There are not many hotels in the town of Naivasha; instead, most accommodation options are on Moi South Lake Road, which is great because they’re far from the noisy town and surrounded by a forest of beautiful acacias, home to lots of wildlife.

Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Most lakeside camps are a little expensive, but they are totally worth the cost, as they offer beautiful views over the lake and have a great location near the area’s main attractions. Most sites of interest are far from Naivasha town, but if you stay at one of the camps, then you’ll have easy access to them. We chose to stay at Camp Carnelley’s, because it had good reviews and it was one of the cheapest options, offering a basic twin room for a mid-range price (2,500 shillings a night). They also have more expensive en-suite bandas (huts) which can accommodate up to 6 people and cost 10,000 shillings. On the other hand, you can camp on the grounds with your own tent for 600 shillings a night. The grounds are extremely beautiful and there is even a small dock where you can take a 1-hour boat ride on the lake for 3,500 shillings. The boat can sit up to 7 people and you can split the cost. Without a doubt, the camp’s best feature is its restaurant, which is expensive but offers a great menu with awesome burgers (800 shillings) and a delicious “monster breakfast” (1,000 shillings, enough for 2 people). We spent several hours sitting in the lounge area enjoying the views of the forest and several dozens of birds that live there. The only downside to the hotel is its staff. They aren’t very friendly or helpful, and they don’t make you feel welcome. The twin room could also be much better considering the cost. A bucket of paint and a good scrub go a long way.

Twin room at Camp Carnelly's. Could do much better!

Twin room at Camp Carnelly’s. Could do much better!

All in all, Camp Carnelley’s makes a perfect base to visit the surrounding area. The lakeshore offers an array of sights and activities with plenty of wildlife. During our time here we visited Lake Oloidien, the Green Crater Lake and the Crescent Island Game Sanctuary. More to come on our following posts!

Camp Carnelley’s website:

Camp Carnelley’s facebook page: click here

Twin rooms area at Camp Carnelley's in Lake Naivasha

Twin rooms area at Camp Carnelley’s in Lake Naivasha

A banda at Camp Carnelley's

A banda at Camp Carnelley’s

Camping is allowed at Camp Carnelleys

Camping is allowed at Camp Carnelley’s

Camp Carnelleys' jetty

Camp Carnelleys’ jetty

Restaurant at Camp Carnelley's

Restaurant at Camp Carnelley’s

Monster breakfast served at Camp Carnelley's

Monster breakfast served at Camp Carnelley’s

Many birds live at Camp Carnelley's

Many birds live at Camp Carnelley’s


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