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We are Stephany and Daniel, a young Mexican couple who loves to travel and take lots of pictures of the places we visit. The next 15 weeks we are going to explore three African countries: KenyaUganda and Ethiopia. On this blog we will share our experiences, wild adventures, travel recommendations and our favorite pictures. We love nature, animals and to learn from people of different cultures, so we will post about the beautiful –and not so beautiful- places we visit, and about the kind –and not so kind- people we meet during our travels. Since we are independent travelers and have a limited budget, we will also share tips and useful information for potential travelers. Africa, here we come!

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2 comments on “About us

  1. Sally McQuinn
    May 3, 2015

    Hi I noticed your plans were to go to 3 countries but just I see one Kenya – I am also going to Kenya and Uganda so I was wondering about your experience, have you written anymore? Your blog about Kenya is sooo helpful! We are going to Narok then the conservancy instead of MM due to cost and kids, and overall it has been hard to find good info, so thanks for your posts its awesome! I want to read more…whats happening with you guys now? Sally

    • mamaafricablog
      January 21, 2016

      Hi Sally! I know, we are very behind on our writing, but we’ve been quite busy. We did manage to visit Uganda and Ethiopia, and enjoyed it very much. Soon we’ll be writing more posts 😀 Thanks for reading our blog.


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